BBC ‘Fake Britain’ – investigates orphanage volunteering – 7pm UK time

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Orphanage volunteering … an ever-popular “hit” with many would-be volunteers wanting to ‘work with children’ …

orphanages not the solution

orphanages not the solution


This programme was first aired in May of this year – and for anyone who missed it the first time around – PLEASE try and watch tonight’s repeat at 7.30 p.m. UK time.

We’ve blogged about the issues of child protection, orphanage volunteering, fake orphanages many times … but it is SO IMPORTANT that we’re also repeating ourselves!

To read more about these closely-linked issues, click here



  1. Comment by Sallie:

    what Kate modestly fails to mention is that she was interviewd for this programme – and it was included first time round – hopefully they will not cut it this time!

  2. Comment by kate stefanko:

    modesty … it’s my middle name Sallie

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