Cambodia floods an update from our partner

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This just in from our partner in Cambodia –

and October are Cambodia’s wettest
months and we have experienced heavyDSCN6752The area around Pourk
flooding over the last couple of weeks.
The local authorities undertook many
measures to protect the heart of Siem
Reap town after the serious flooding in
2011, which has prevented flooding in
the town centre so far.
Outlying areas have not been so lucky
and great swathes of the countryside
are under water. I drove northwestwards
along the main National
Route 6 road from Siem Reap towards
Thailand at the weekend and for many
kilometres (and miles) the road was the
only thing above the floodwaters.
From what I could see it looked like many thousands of hectares of rice have been destroyed, which will have implications later on for many people.


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