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volunteer Michael – triathlete and fundraiser

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

In our previous newsletter, we wrote about Michael’s plans to celebrate his 50th year with a triathlon as a fundraising exercise for the Emmanuel project in Port Elizabeth. Well, it was certainly exercise !

Here is a photo of Michael (2nd from right) and four friends who completed the Alpe D’Huez Triathlon. The following report from Michael …

what a team !

what a team !






child sponsorship – some excellent advice

Friday, September 6th, 2013

We at people and places are often asked about individual child sponsorship – and we always discourage it.

Here we reproduce an article by Marianne Elliot that speaks of the challenges, efficacy and  transparency of such sponsorship far more eloquently than we can!

“In preparing this post I had several very useful conversations with people who I cannot thank by name here, because they were speaking to me in their personal capacity and not as representatives of the organistations they work for – some of which use child sponsorship programmes and some of which use the ‘catalog’ approach which I’ll also talk about below.

But I wanted to acknowledge them because here’s the thing: I’m a human rights specialist. Although I’ve worked for development organisations like Oxfam, my role in those organisations has been either ensure that human rights principles are woven into development programming or to develop policy and advocacy positions on the other side of the development story.

It’s the part of the story that doesn’t take place in communities in Uganda or Afghanistan, the part of the story that takes place in the debating halls and back corridors of parliaments and senates all over the world and at various international organisations including the World Trade Organisation. It’s the part of the story that controls the overall economic landscape in which poor communities are trying to find their place. It is, in my opinion, at least as important to reducing gobal poverty as any work done on the ground in developing countries and it is, while we are on the topic, very hard to raise funds for this work.

Given my own slant on this topic, I called on some people who know a lot about child sponsorships and community development and I’ve summarised what they had to say into a few simple points.

1. A child’s life can only be improved if the live of her family and community are improved. This is true of child poverty in New Zealand and it’s certainly true of child poverty in Afghanistan. So the idea that individual children could be targeted and given sustainable development assistance was never sound and for a long time hasn’t been part of any kind of reputable development programming.

2. Child sponsorship programmes are entirely about you, that is they are designed to meet the needs of the person giving the money not the community or, for that matter, the child.

3. However, as a rule the money you give through a child sponsorship, assuming you are giving it through one of the reputable development organisations, will be being delivered through sound, community development programmes.

In other words – if you are giving to a reputable development organisation, the fact that you are giving via child sponsorship won’t detract from the fact that the money will be being delivered in accordance with good development practices. (more…)

“above & beyond” – volunteer Michael celebrates his 50th year in style!

Monday, June 10th, 2013

On 24 July, Michael will celebrate his 50th year by taking part in one of the world’s toughest Triathlons – Alpe d’Huez. He and his colleague, Paul, will swim 2 miles, cycle 72 miles & finish with a half marathon! (Frankly, I’m exhausted, just thinking about it!)

fundraising - from coast to mountains

fundraising – from coast to mountains

A couple of years ago, Michael and his wife Lynn volunteered in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

As a teacher, Michael worked with one of the cluster of primary schools in an education development project, while Lynn used her health and social care experience in the Emmanuel Advice and Care Centre.

So … what’s the connection between previous volunteer placements and a mountainous triathlon?


Want to raise money to fund your volunteer trip?

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Have just received this from traveltochange – come on volunteers – we know you have wonderful reasons for travel – $500 could be yours!

Third challenge on how to travel2change

How can you travel with a purpose? This is the question travel2change is asking individuals and nonprofits for the third challenge, which encourages participants to finish the sentence “I travel2…”. Travel2change’s goal is to connect travelers and locals in order to create trips that benefit communities around the world. Three winning ideas will be rewarded with $500 to go on a trip to make their idea happen.

The challenge is open to submissions from around the world. The aim is to combine travelers’ passions with the purpose of benefitting the communities they visit. “We seek to inspire travelers to collaborate with local communities for meaningful change. The current challenge is a starting point for travelers to plan a trip that creates a positive impact for the communities they visit.” explains Thomas Kohler, founder of travel2change.


To enter, travelers must go to the travel2change Facebook page and join the challenge by finishing the sentence “I travel2…”, uploading a photo and describing their idea in greater detail. The deadline for submitting ideas is January 31. After public voting a jury of volunteer travel experts will decide on the winning idea based on its creativity, effectiveness, impact, feasibility and sustainability.


More information on the challenge is available at:
About travel2change:

Travel2change is a nonprofit organization connecting travelers and locals to create change. Our community of travelers and locals collaborate to create trips that benefit communities around the world. The travel2change community created more that 100 trip ideas and traveled to put their ideas into action in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Peru and Brazil. For more information visit

Dot talks about her volunteer time and why she is fundraising for Naxal Orphanage

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

The beginning of my extraordinary experience started in 2007 when I booked a trekking holiday to Nepal.

There was a small piece in the holiday brochure about volunteering, which I have always felt I would like to do, so I enquired and that was how I first met Kate and Sallie at people and places
After many phone calls, emails and forms filled in they arranged for me to stay in Kathmandu after my trek and volunteer for a month at a children’s home. They gave me contact details for other volunteers who would be there with me and those going the month before and we were able to correspond before setting out – very useful.

When I arrived in Nepal for my trek I met the group already there, who were the first to go to that project and were paving the way for the rest of us who have since volunteered at OCCED Naxal (more…)

Volunteers can now support Calabash trust whilst they shop!

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Thanks to long time Calabash Trust supporter,  David Weatherley, for this – what a great initiative!

Do you shop online with UK retailers?  If so, here’s a way to help Calabash Trust to raise money whenever you shop.

By channelling your online purchasing through , a percentage of your spend will be donated to us at NO ADDITONAL COST to you.  It’s very simple – just visit to register and shop with over 2000 well known retailers like Amazon, Argos, M&S, eBay and many more. Whenever you buy something, the retailer makes a donation to Calabash Trust. They’ve helped other causes raise over £2,000,000 so it really does work.

It won’t cost you a penny extra to shop through easyfundraising and you can even save money with special offers and voucher codes.  You deal directly with your chosen retailer at exactly the same price you would normally pay.

write a review – you may win money for your project !

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Calling all volunteers! you can win a donation for your project!

This is a great idea – all you have to do is write a review of your volunteer experience … wherever and whenever it may have been!

One of the many websites where we promote people and places is transitions abroad and our partners have a great idea to support your projects! They’re offering prizes of 100 USD for your stories – take a look here.

Transitions Abroad isn’t promising to publish all submissions of course, but whatever you send will certainly be read – and if it’s published, your project may well be able to benefit from your continued support.

Generally articles are best at about 800-1200 words, with a couple of photos to illustrate, and a weaving in of cultural immersion themes so that the overall focus is on the stories of local people – which as volunteers, you know at least as well as anyone!

This will be great way to ‘get the word out’ and (potentially) to raise money for your project as well – let us know if you’ve any questions, but meanwhile – go for it volunteers!

Naxal Volunteer Dot is fundraising

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Dot Coupe has now volunteered at Naxal orphanage ( read more here) three times!

As many previous Naxal volunteers know the premesis for the childrens home is very run down and is not owned by Naxal. They are working hard to raise funds to buy and build a new purpose built home for the children. A large tranche of land has already been purchased – now there is the small matter of the building!

If you would like to support Dot please read her newletter here – all her contact details are on the document.

Good luck Dot.

Volunteer videos and so much more!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

If you haven’t already spotted out you tube channel it’s so worth a look. There are video interviews from volunteers and even Kate and Sallie.If you have videos of your time volunteering or one of the talks you have done – we know many of you talk to groups on your return from volunteering – please send them to us so we can share them.

Take a look at the YouTube videos here

Take a look at slideshare for slide shows from volunteers – again if you have a slide show to share with us please do send it to us

thanks so much to all the volunteers who have contributed to date.

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Futures Foundation, The Gambia – what a difference a year makes!

Thursday, October 27th, 2011



A long-held ambition of Gambian educator and trainer, Lisong Bah, had been to develop pre-school training for teachers and thus to provide early childhood education of real quality for her country.
To learn about the volunteer programme supporting this project click here
There had been teacher-training through Gambia College for some time, but there was no specialized training available in the field of early childhood development (ECD).
In June 2010, after years of hard work and discussions with donor organisations and national government,Lisong at last had her goal in sight. (more…)