“I want to be more involved than simply passing through”

By Sallie Grayson. Filed in good and bad practice, volunteer stories  |  
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Couldn’t have said it better! – this is an extract from a potential volunteer registration ( published with her permission ofcourse!)

“I had decided to travel  for a long holiday/adventure for the first time and so began a long search on the internet at group travel holidays but began to realise that travelling in poorer parts of the world with tour companies, as a sightseer may not be helping the communities visited and realised that I want to be more involved than simply passing through. Some companies offer some voluntary work as part of the holiday but I fail to see how one can offer much in the way of genuine support in a week, I do not trust the companies who are making profits out of the holidays to be able to genuinely benefit the communities. So I found People and Places and am delighted to find they have deep and long term commitment to the communities they are involved in. as I chef, my first interest is in local food and have noted that in one of the descriptions of a project in Cambodia, that ‘building a kitchen and providing meals for 100’ is one of the aims. This appeals to me enormously. I believe being a volunteer can be mutually beneficial. I would love to help people where I can but also benefit myself from new experiences and hopefully life changing challenges.” Barbara

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