Kenya, conservation … and David Attenborough

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I’ve just watched the latest episode of  ‘Africa’ on the BBC … and about half way through, there was the inimitable David Attenborough at Watamu Turtle Watch, in Kenya …

… where our latest local partnership enables volunteers to be involved in real ‘hands on’ conservation of marine life. The sea turtle is the flagship species and is an indicator of the health of the Kenyan marine environment.

We’ll have the project details ‘live’ on site very soon, but to register your interest in the meantime, please email

To take a tour of Turtle Bay Beach Club, where volunteers stay – click here! 

Watch this space for further news …

… and here’s the Kenya project already uploaded to the website … where volunteers also stay in Turtle Bay Beach Club…

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  1. Comment by npegler1:

    I also watched Africa but didn`t realise that it was filmed in Turtle Beach!

    Didn`t the programme highlight how much Africans are doing for their own country and ultimately the world, the Turtle Beach project is a great example and hearing how the Maasai now protect lions instead of hunting them as a right of passage was very heart warming.

    Nigel Pegler

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