more volunteer ‘news from the field’ – Saint Lucia this time

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volunteers Kevin & Esme – a weekend off, but still found time to do some research !

“I am now sure that listing special buildings in Saint Lucia is not enough to protect them. This is the old presbytery in tiny Anse Le Raye which the locals would like to refurbish and preserve if only they had the means. It would help pull in the tourists and give them a sense of achievement. There are carpenters in town but very little work and money. Can I find a way to help them?”, asks Kevin, who is working with Saint Lucia National Trust

R&R in Saint Lucia

R&R in Saint Lucia


Esme discusses preservation with a young resident !

Esme discusses preservation with a young resident !

the old presbytery in Anse-le-Raye

the old presbytery in Anse le Raye

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  1. Comment by Sallie:

    here’s a video interview that Kevin did before he left to volunteer in saint Lucia – will be great to do a follow up with him after hes returned – wonder what he will say.

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