naming no names … but people and places comes out on top !

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a lovely message from a volunteer comparing her experience with people and places to another well known volunteer travel provider:

“… well done for all the work you do to make placements time and cost effective.  Having just returned from a placement with (a.n.other), I could see the difference!” 

sharing & caring

sharing & caring


“We had no contact from (a.n.other) re. the teaching, just from the teacher. She was also teaching full time. I know they have had many volunteers from (a.n.other), yet they are still mainly at the ‘chalk and talk’ stage, so no real follow up or development plans. I don’t blame the teachers, they have to put up with a lot anyway, so I can see it’s easier to stay with what they know. 

“I just wanted to say what a good job you and P&P are doing.”




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