Need to fund raise for your volunteer trip? – try this!

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We have been watching the development of a new volunteer travel resource with great interest. Volunteer Forever  isnt just another site giving you lists of volunteer opportunities and some advice.

The really excity innovation is that you will be able to fundraise on the site to support your volunteer work.

We are listed of course here – so give it a try! and please think about doing a review to let future volunteers know the realities of volunteering with us.


  1. Comment by billybeltz:

    Hi Sallie- thank you so much for spreading the good news! As a volunteer myself I know how difficult fundraising can be. And that’s why we built Volunteer Forever- to provide a fundraising solution that is more effective, simpler, and more personal than what’s currently available. We’re really hoping we can help more people participate in fantastic programs like People and Places. That’s the whole point, right? And we welcome all feedback about the site, especially right now during our Beta period. Thanks again!
    Billy Beltz

  2. Comment by Steven Weddle:

    Sallie- thanks for the shout out! We’re excited about making it easier for everyone to volunteer abroad with our trusted reviews and crowdfunding platform!

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