NEW! an easy and safe way to donate to your volunteer project

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We do not ask or expect volunteers to donate more to the project they work with, other than the initial sum detailed in their placement costs.

But we are constantly humbled by the number of volunteers and their friends and families who wish to give additional support.

We are thrilled that now we have an easy, cost effective and safe way to help with those donations.

Our sister charity, Travel Philanthropy (Charity No 1122270), now enables us to offer this opportunity for each project and community where we work.

We are working with Total Giving – a CSR initiative – no fees are charged – much more money reaches the projects than through other traditional donation sites such as Just Giving.

HOW – simply visit the Travel Philanthropy page on Total Giving

Scan down the page to find your project Рclick on the image Рand follow the donation instruction. Each project has an individual link, so you can give that link to your family and  friends Рand they can find out more about the project and donate themselves.


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