not all volunteers are teachers or health care workers

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One of our hard-working volunteers, currently in Saint Lucia, is a retired civil engineer … using his experience to support the historic restoration work of the Saint Lucia National Trust

Here’s yesterday’s video and report in the local media:

“Apostles’ Battery Restoration”

The Saint Lucia National Trust has undertaken a major restoration exercise at Apostles battery on Morne Fortune. The project is being executed under the expert supervision of Godfrey Weir who is a civil engineer from People and Places. The Saint Lucia tourist board sees the activity as part of a major development project which will take place at various sites on Morne Fortune.”

Watch the video report here.

Just goes to show that even if you’re not a teacher or a health care worker, there’s likely to be a project with people and places where your skills and experience could be be put to good use!


  1. Comment by Sallie:

    great work Godfrey

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