our local partner in The Gambia talks about why he works with our volunteer programme

By Sallie Grayson. Filed in good and bad practice, people and places history and info, project background  |  
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Watch a very short video ( less than a minute!)  – where our local partner Adama Bah talks about why he chose to work with us on the volunteer programme. Click the image to watch



  1. Comment by kate stefanko:

    love this short video from Adama Bah … and his emphasis on ‘consultation’ … between volunteers, local partners and projects, “people and places”. Thanks Adama

  2. Comment by Amie:

    Great to see your work reflected in Gambia. Such an important part of ensuring sustainable volunteer travel is through local partners, as well as on-the-ground monitoring and transparency within the org. Love this inside snippet at what responsible voluntourism looks like!

  3. Comment by Sallie:

    Thanks Amie we are very proud of our partnerships

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