people and places-responsible volunteering is a social enterprise-what does that mean?

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“Social enterprises are businesses that trade to tackle social problems, improve communities, SEUK_socialenterprise_badge_350x161people’s life chances, or the environment.  They make their money from selling goods and services in the open market, but they reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community.  And so when they profit, society profits.”

That’s us – people and places is not run for the benefit of shareholders – any profit we make is covenanted to charity.

And we think what we do helps peoples life chances – we match skilled and experienced volunteers to community need – to help them build the future they want for themselves.

We are now officially members of social enterprise UK –

Here are some other social enterprises we think are worth supporting ( feel free to add those you rate in the comments section please!)   bottled water – yes – bottled water  beer  food does what it says on the tin! support for women entrepreneurs walking tours in London

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