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It’s the end of the school year in southern Africa.  At the Emmanuel Advice Care Centre in Port Elizabeth and at the Neighbourhood Care Points in Swaziland many children are finishing their time at pre-school and are excitedly looking forward to starting school in January.  One of the high points of their last few weeks at pre-school has been their graduation ceremony.

We have just heard from our partners in Swaziland that 113 children have graduated and will be entering primary education in the next school year – what an achievement!

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We are proud of the support some of our volunteers have given to the pre-school teachers at both of these projects, helping with teacher training and the development of games and activities to help the children learn. Both projects are run by local volunteers and help families in very disadvantaged areas, where there is little spare money for educational resources.  However the children are looked after by dedicated and caring members of staff, and the pre-school education they have received should give them a flying start at school.  We wish them all good luck!

Find out more about volunteering at these projects here and here.

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