The library is open!

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” Teachers are inspired; families are empowered; community connections between the races are fostered. And, of course, this is changing the lives of today’s students and thousands more for years to come. ” Eileen Kugler

The library with over 20,000 books is open and operating at AV Bukani – read the Kuglers blog here.

The story of the library is a perfect picture of working in South Africa – frustration – joy – frustration – delays – more delays – even more delays and joy again!

The Kugler’s said after their first trip to AV Bukani that they had never been so “overthanked” – well there is no way to “overthank” them for their latest endevours.

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  1. Comment by npegler1:

    I have just read the Kuglers blog, what a wonderful story.
    As someone who seemed to spend half of his childhood in libary`s I can`t imagine what it must have been like for poor South African kids not to have access to books.
    Long may the Kuglers amazing work continue.

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