“The volunteers were praised repeatedly by the Headmaster”

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Marcus our partner in Nepal has just sent this thru to us

“I just attended the 50th Anniversary of the School’s foundation – started
with Rs.3,600 50 years ago – how times and monetary values have changed!
Many a speech and I was even expected to pontificate myself (1 minute focus on Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge support but not allowing the government to get off its budgetary obligations – the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of  Education was Chief Guest…!).

Permament Secretary of Ed lights traditional Panas

The volunteers were praised repeatedly by the Headmaster, in his speech – 3 references in a rapid-fire speech that covered recent history and development of the school. There is a strong groundswell of support for the process you are helping and, even if it does not lead to a full transfer to english-medium
teaching, to have excellence in English – spoken and written – will be a fine asset for the pupils and teachers alike.”

A PS from sallie – this is great – there were no volunteers there at the ceremony! So this is true third party affirmation!

want to learn more about the school he is talking about? take a look here

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