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……….for 4 hours!

I normally try to avoid criticising other “volunteer organisations” – we have always believed that the best way to promote responsible volunteering is to do it ourselves – ie by example. It’s all too easy to ctricise but this one’s got me beat! Am I missing something Royal Caribbean?

Perhaps something has been lost in the editing of the announcement of Royal Caribbean’s voluntourism initiative –  what do you think?

Randy Le Grant at GeoVisions beat me to blogging about this – so I’m just going to blag his blog!

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  1. Comment by npegler1:

    Firstly when I click on any links on Royal Caribbeans website there is no information available on what you ACTUALLY do as a volunteer, there seems to be no problem with booking a TOUR but no information on the voluntering side!
    Seems like a good way to sell add on`s to the cruise but as for voluntourism, I don`t think so!

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