volunteers Bob & Margaret – 2nd week in a township school

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We thought that it would be a good idea to let you know how things are going in Port Elizabeth.  We are now into our second week in the school.  Inevitably there was a lot to learn during week one but, with a refreshing week-end of rest and some sight-seeing, we were ready to face the challenges of the second week. 


a win-win situation

a win-win situation

We had a very useful meeting with Paul last Friday and he has helped sort out a few teething difficulties, underlining the fact that we are here to work with the teachers rather than instead of them. It is a bit of a culture shock when teachers walk in and out of the classroom with some frequency! We also did some target-setting (e.g. organising meetings with parents and teacher groups).   

We are so glad that we have made it here after so many delays.  A month appears such a short time now to make an impact but we are getting there and everyone, especially the new principal, is extremely welcoming and helpful.  

Best wishes to you and all your P & P colleagues.

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