volunteers work so hard …

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… that sometimes a nap is required.

Nigel works very hard in full-time employment as site manager for two schools in Norfolk … he also works with ‘people and places’ on a voluntary basis as the marvellous editor of our newsletter.

Many of you will also have followed his most recent volunteer placement in Peru through his frequent blog posts – where Nigel occasionally mentioned how hard he was working there (during his long summer ‘holiday’!)

contemplating the next job !

contemplating the next job !


And sometimes, just sometimes …


  1. Comment by kate:

    thanks to Nigel’s co-volunteer, Maren, for this restful photo !

  2. Comment by Sallie:

    and I hasten to add Nigel sent us this photo and dared us to use this photo – so thats permisssion isnt it

  3. Comment by npegler1:

    You are in so much trouble Ms Grayson!!!
    I will point out that there was a three hour climb to get where the picture was taken and I`m not getting any younger! in fact I seem to have aged considerably since first volunteering with people and places!

  4. Comment by kate:

    dear Nigel … don’t be so negative … you are merely maturing !

  5. Comment by kate:

    seriously though, some projects involve do involve elements of physical hard work and therefore need volunteers to be physically fit – the project in Peru is one of these.

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