When journalists ‘aspire’…..

By Sallie Grayson. Filed in people and places in the news  |  
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……they can multi task….they can hear the message and write about about it well . Kudos to Rupert Murray – he did his research, he asked the right questions, he  listened to  the answers, he heard what was being said and he’s also a darn good writer – how refreshing! Read the full article about our new partnership with ITC Giving and the  programme   here

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  1. Comment by npegler1:

    Yes it`s nice to see a journalist give an unbiased report. I think that the ITC giving programme is a great idea and argree with Sallie that you don`t have to be poor to give to the poor, the problem is if you have money to give it`s making sure it`s used usefully and responsibly, unlike a certain female pop stars attempt to set up a girls boarding school in Malawi!

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