Why South Africa still needs volunteers

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South Africa has come a long way since democracy but there is still so much need – they can’t right the wrongs of apartheid in a couple of decades. Yes there is corruption – yes there is inefficiency but there are also many wonderful people doing amazing work.

This article from the Economist underlines the problems – BUT we see the small but important steps forward that communities can and are making with the support of the volunteer programme.

Please don’t let the big things you can’t change stop you from making the small changes you can make.

Here’s the Economist article which serves to remind us of ┬ásome of the challenges South Africa faces.


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  1. Comment by npegler1:

    It can sometimes be demoralising to read about the situation in South Africa but as Sallie said ” don`t let the big things you can`t change stop you from making the small changes” a little at a time can make a huge difference and sometimes when it feels like you aren`t achieving anything tangible just by being there as a volunteer shows that you care.

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