you want to volunteer – but think we’re ignoring you ???

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Have you sent a volunteering enquiry and (seem to have) heard nothing us? Please believe us – we’ve DEFINITELY sent you an email or two!

If your email address is one of these: @gmail … @hotmail … @yahoo … you are more than likely to find our emails in the ‘spam’ ‘trash’ or ‘junk’ folder !

NOT spam

NOT spam

While we’re delighted to know that your service provider is avoiding your being spammed, this has recently presented recurrent problems … but the projects need you and don’t want to lose you!

We’ve posted the following message on our own website – both the contact us & register pages …

Important: In order to ensure you receive emails from people & places please add

to your safe sender or contact list on mail providers such as GMail, Yahoo and Hotmail/Live”

So – please check your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder.


And if you send an email to directly , she will definitely reply to you and the link will be made 🙂




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