‘A one-of-a kind experience’ – a report from a creative writing volunteer

‘A one-of-a kind experience’ – a report from a creative writing volunteer

Otancia specialises in teaching creative writing – some of her own short stories and poems have been published in her home country of Trinidad. She is currently doing an e-volunteer placement with a group of girls in Morocco. Here is her poem about her experience

A breath of fresh air (the pen has power)

Journey into Morrocco, with the eager students at  Dar Al Asni

Powerful girls like buzzing bees

Brilliant minds and willing hands creating lines of poetry and life writing

Reciting, Chartering dreams and inciting ships of success

Life Writing fighting against tides of stereotyping

 I am helping, the girls are steering ships, lights are shining

Great ideas and dreams are rising

Like Viking sailors, we stand strong

I Am, I Can, and I Will

Think it, Say It, Write It, Be it.

We are inspiring, aspiring rising and defining our destinies

Keep writing.

‘If you want to change the world pick up a pen and write.’ (Martin Luther King)

In this journey we are exploring the characteristics of using creative writing to boost self-esteem, to add value and essence to everyday life in a structured writing form that encourages critical thinking, researching and analysis of self, others and your surroundings. My experience with the girls was a one-of-a-kind experience. I have never had students that were so excited about writing and poetry.

Otancia Noel Creative Writing volunteer.

To learn how you could work with this project take a look here

an online lesson with Otancia
an example of the girls’ work
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