Adama Bah – our local partner in The Gambia – a celebration at 60

Adama Bah – our local partner in The Gambia – a celebration at 60











We are blessed at people and places – we work with some very special people all over the world. Adama Bah is our local partner in The Gambia

we would like to take this chance of wishing Adama all the very best and shouting out very loud how very proud we are to be his partner in the volunteer programme.

read some accolades here

and here are mine and Kates

Adama is a very special man – his insight and guidance in the community work we do together is veryimportant to me personally and people and places in general. These are some words that come to mind when I am asked to describe Adama, tireless advocate for those less fortunate, humanity, humility,entrepreneur, trail blazer, realist and mentor. I am very blessed to count him as a colleague and afriend. Sallie Grayson

To my dear friend (and business partner) on the occasion of your 60th birthday … thank
you … for helping me to better understand and appreciate our cultural differences and
shared values; for being patient with me; for being my friend … and for being kind enough
to dance with me !!!

I look forward to knowing you and learning from you for many years to come!
Happy Birthday, Adama. With Love, Kate


and this is an impressive CV isnt it?

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