An ice blue ford anglia – Phili cheese steak sandwiches and responsible volunteering!

An ice blue ford anglia – Phili cheese steak sandwiches and responsible volunteering!

 This was a fun interview to do Р first published on travelbuzz read it here
Sallie Grayson
Sallie Grayson

What was your first travel experience?

I’ve travelled all my life. My father was in the Royal Airforce – my first memory of “travelling” was a family journey in a pale blue Ford Anglia with my family. We drove up from our home on the coast to the mountains in Cyprus. I couldnt get over being warm in the sea and in snow all in the same day – it was 1960 and I was 6.

Where in you opinion is the best place to spend a summer holiday?

Meeting interesting people somewhere warm.

Describe a travel experience that changed your life.

At the beginning of this century I travelled to volunteer in The Gambia – there I met Prof. Harold Goodwin – and we spent a lot of time comparing how poorly served volunteers and communities were by many traditional sending organisations. We thought first that we would go to the press and name and shame – we realised that would be very short lived – so – people and places – was born.
people and places works with communities to identify the skills they need to help them build the future they want for themselves – we then go out, recruit and prepare skilled & experienced volunteers to work with them. I am so lucky – I love my work. I work with and meet some inspirational people all over the world.

What country’s stamp do you most want to add to your passport?

The next country we’ll be working in – wherever that may be.

What was your best meal while traveling?

Oooh too tough – the chicken I shared in Tachdirt – a Berber village in Morocco, the crayfish I ate in Durban, MoMos in Kathmandu, lamb kebabs on a tiny beach in Greece… and Philly Cheesesteak in Philadelphia.
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