Andy the slave driver!

Andy the slave driver!

Had a lie in until 6am, well it is Sunday! Shower, sort out my gear, breakfast and then a break for a while so I managed to charge my netbook, we are limited to two hours charging twice a week.


8.30 am out with Andy to download videos from the camera traps, Andy doesn`t hang about and is so passionate about the rainforest it`s full throttle everywhere until he spots and animal and then we stop, we saw some squirrel monkeys which was cool.

Andy told us that to set up a camera trap in a tree can take all day and he has to carry 50 kilos of ropes to do it!


We downloaded some great videos and saw Tapir, Pale winged trumpeters, Agouty, White lipped Peccary, Leopard, Armadillo and Ocelot, Andy will show the videos to the local community tomorrow as this information is very useful in encouraging tourism and as some of the community earn their wages from this it could be a great help.



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