“another positive outcome of volunteering”

“another positive outcome of volunteering”

This message just received from Sue, who volunteered in a school in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa last year:

“With recent sad events in South Africa, it has made me think even more about my wonderful time there and the great people I met. I was made aware of the acute impact that Nelson Mandela had on their lives, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I am so thankful for the time I had in Port Elizabeth because I feel touched by the ‘magic’ of Mandela even though I never met him. I now have informed opinions which I would never have had, had I not volunteered there. Yet another positive outcome of volunteering.”

Sue and her fellow teachers - what a team!
Sue and her fellow teachers – what a team!

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  1. To me one of the joys of volunteering is that you get to meet people you wouldn`t as a tourist and you get under the skin of the country you are working in. Whilst in South Africa I feel that I understood the problems and positives of the country.

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