Are volunteers encouraging child abuse?!

Are volunteers encouraging child abuse?!

There has been much debate about the ethics of volunteering with orphanages recently – and rightly so.

Please read this article about child abuse in The DailyMail  NOW.

Yes we know that the press can exaggerate but even if this story is exaggerated tenfold it is still horrifying and a major issue – and is true, to my certain knowledge .

Those of us that facilitate volunteer travel must ensure that we do not encourage this scandal in any way – in fact we must act assertively to do all we can to stop it happening.

We must draw this scandal to the attention of potential volunteers and donors . Potential volunteers and donors must ask organisations what due diligence they do on the projects with which they work and what proof they have that they have done such due diligence.

Good intentions are NOT enough – we all must take responsibility. Responsibility may be a big word but irresponsibility is a bigger one.

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