Awesome views then sweat and tears!

Awesome views then sweat and tears!

BOAT LOWkids river low

Up at 4.30 am as we had to have the bus loaded by 6am and breakfast at 6am, left at 6.35 to travel to the river and then a four hour boat journey to Shipetairi, we arrived at about 5pm and then had to lug all of our gear to the lodges, this took about 40 minutes to carry my rucksack, boots, bumbag and a large heavy pile of eggs which as I keep changing hands pulled some muscles in my back, I then turned around walked back to the river for twenty minutes, picked up my large bag and back to the lodges.

There was still some gear to get so I volunteered with three other people to help Andy get some more stuff and on the way back Andy saw some Jaguar prints we

which were fresh, as in minutes old!, in fact we had walked over some prints which means we must have walked past it in the dark!

Quick shower a meal and write this blog which I am finishing at 10pm, despite the hard work the journey was unbelievable.


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