Better Volunteering and Better Child Protection

Better Volunteering and Better Child Protection

One of the main  reasons Kate, Harold and I started people and places was to campaign for better volunteering experiences – better for local communities and for volunteers. Back in 2007 we started a questions you should ask campaign – and we’re very  pleased to see that many volunteers, as well as members of the press and other volunteer organisations, are now asking these questions too … BUT – there’s still a long way to go!

There are – still far too many examples of volunteers and local people being exploited – still too many questionable child care projects – if anything there are more! – still too many projects where volunteers are poorly screened and prepared – still too many buildings being built by volunteers – buildings that stand empty because there are no funds or skills to staff them – still too many volunteers who are replacing local employment – still too few organisations exercising transparency in where volunteer monies go.

Many of you will know that Harold Goodwin, our co founder and Non Executive Chair of our Advisory Committee,  is Professor of Responsible Tourism Management. We are working with him on two awareness campaigns Better Volunteering and Better Child Protection . Working with Children – our mistake – read it here

We would really welcome your opinions, insights ,questions and stories.

You can read more about the campaigns and other campaigns Harold is involved with here

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