Bikes sold and Pastor Peter well

Bikes sold and Pastor Peter well

Yesterday evening I spoke to Pastor Peter via Skype, it was wonderful to hear from Peter and it quite made my evening.

Peter`s voice was a little croaky but he sounded and looked well, he said they have sold all of the bikes we sent out and although the trailer making business has slowed down they are still making 2-3 trailers a month.

Peter asked me to pass on his thanks to all his friends who prayed for his recovery from cancer.

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2 thoughts on “Bikes sold and Pastor Peter well

  1. I also understand that Peter noticed some grey in your beard, Nigel … and you explained that your going grey is a consequence of working with Sallie and me …

    Something else we’re responsible for, it would seem! Good thing we have broad shoulders!

  2. Well 4 years ago when I first volunteered with people and places I had no grey in my beard, so it`s either advancing years or editing the newsletter that has caused the grey, I think the latter!

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