Blogs and newsletter

Blogs and newsletter


 By clicking on blog and news you can read the latest stories from volunteers, news from people and places, updates from Sallie, good and bad practice in volunteering etc. To read a blog, click on the box under Choose a Topic, then click on what you want to read.

We hope you’ll want to comment or reply on any particular blog that interests you – you’ll need to register first, to do this click on and at the bottom of the left hand column look for Meta, click on register and you will then be sent an email with your password, click on the link in this email and log in with your password.

You can now create your own password and your own profile and when you want to go to the people and places site and comment on a blog, click on visit site in the top left hand corner.

To create your own blog, go to and click on sign up now and just follow the instructions – then other volunteers can follow the story of your volunteer placement.

The quartely newsletter I email will now be one page with links to various volunteer stories and news from people and places.

And check out the new photo gallery too!

If you have any pictures you would like us to feature here send them to



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