Bragging rights – some nice stuff people have recently said about us

Bragging rights – some nice stuff people have recently said about us

We have to provide references for the World Responsible Travel Awards ( and in case you didn’t know we won! read more here ) – thanks everyone for all your support! and here are some excerpts:

From Local Partners

“people and places have been leader in this area (child protection) for some time.They personally visit all projects for a lengthy assessment before accepting the project as a partner.  They’re particularly demanding about child protection practices and actively work with projects to help them improve their policies and practices ensuring that the children, (and the volunteers), are kept safe. ”

“people & places constantly reinforce their standards and approach, while evolving to keep at the cutting edge of responsible volunteering – indeed they tend to be the organisation that defines in practise what is responsible volunteering.They listen to the aspirations and concerns of the beneficiary community and adapt to ensure that this is paramount in developing the volunteering assignment.”

“people & places are not an NGO that preaches from the rooftops – they are a frontline organisation developing best practice by mixed channels of communication, discussion, sensitive listening, and, most of all by practical application of the concepts in the field.”

“P&P also assisted us in developing an understanding of child protection, from a sending organisation’s point of view. It assisted us in realising that we needed to be more aware in terms of some of the potential negative impacts of volunteering. We collectively started to understand that the best way we could serve children was not to necessarily work directly with them, but to also build capacity in the local community, be it teachers or home care workers. So while our volunteers teach (if qualified) they always do so with local teachers – building capacity. If we work with Orphans and Vulnerable children, it’s about building capacity of local carers. This approach speaks strongly to understanding Child Protection.”

From a Project

“We feel confident that the children in the community in which we work and our volunteers will be safe in the hands of people and places.”

From Corporate Partners

“After several meetings with people and places, I felt very comfortable about co-operation. How the projects were delivered on the ground gave me comfort from a practical ethical level, but also they were driving through long term sustainable change, rather than ripping off a gap year volunteer for extortionate amounts of money whilst delivering dubious benefits on the ground.”

“Apart from running a sound ship, they have upped the ante within the industry (raising awareness about pertinent  issues which, unchecked, damage all stakeholders) and in how they  inform and select potential volunteers (and host communities).”

From  a Volunteer

“The strength of people & places is to match volunteer’s skills with the projects’ needs, which is absolutely true for my placement. They deliver what they say, thus contributing to Responsible and Ethical Tourism practices in the industry. The support has been great from the initial contact until after my return. Before, during and after my placement, I felt informed via their website, social media, print and e-mail and could communicate easily via all those sources. “

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