Butterfly and pit fall trap survey

Butterfly and pit fall trap survey

There are various pit fall traps set in the ground around the MLC and as they had been closed for a week we had to check and open them all up, they consist of a length of tarpaulin stretched across the ground with plastic buckets set in the ground at intervals, the idea being that frogs etc. are diverted into the bucket and can be collected for surveys, it was a day’s work to do this and then we spent another day checking butterfly nets.

butt trap pit trap2

butterfly trap                               pit fall trap

butt 1 low butts 2

There weren`t many butterfly’s probably because we have had two nights of rain, the storm on Tuesday morning was epic! It started raining at 11.30 pm Monday evening and then gathered pace, at 5am a sheet of rain and thunder came in, the rain started coming through the open windows and the edge of my bed was getting wet!

Approximately 20 cm of rain fell overnight, but then this is a rain forest!


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