Calling all healthcare volunteers – new volunteering opportunities

Calling all healthcare volunteers – new volunteering opportunities

We are always keen to add more opportunities for healthcare volunteers to our list of projects we support. So, when I was visiting The Gambia in February, I was very interested to hear from our local partner that Bijilo Medical Center is looking for volunteers to work alongside local staff and help them develop their skills in a variety of areas of healthcare.

Bijilo Medical Center (BMC) is a non governmental health facility with the goal of providing comprehensive and affordable quality medical services to all in The Gambia. They have a small hospital for in-patients, and offer a range of clinics in paediatrics, gynaecology, obstetrics, cardiology, physiotherapy and internal medicine. They have facilities to carry out x-rays and ultrasound scanning. Their long-term aim is to develop BMC into a multi-disciplinary health center that excels in primary healthcare, continuing training and clinical research.

Bijilo Medical Center are looking for volunteers who can assist them in clinical, paramedical, technical or organisational ways. If you are a nurse, doctor, midwife, physiotherapist, radiographer or lab technician looking for the chance to volunteer in a developing country, please consider volunteering here. If you have knowledge of a particular area of medicine such as diabetes or cardiology, these are areas in which they are keen to expand their knowledge.

Bijilo Medical Center already has close links with the other projects we support in The Gambia – our local partners use the health center for their own families’ healthcare needs. Bijilo is in a great location, close to the other projects where our volunteers work and to the beach. To learn more about this healthcare project take a look here

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