Cambodia projects – Marmite and Bicycles

Cambodia projects – Marmite and Bicycles

Dainne with girls from Moroccan project

Our Education advisor Dianne Ashman has just returned from visiting our new Cambodia projects Community Support in Siem Reap and Support for Child Prisoners

( It’s so recent and Dianne is so busy on her return we haven’t even had time to download a picture of Dianne in Cambodia!)

Thanks to Dianne (ably supported by our local partner Michael and the project managers) we probably have the best quality information for these two projects that we have ever had for new projects!

I must admit these are my favourite snippets from her reports

“Michael would really appreciate it if you brought a jar of Marmite with you “

“The most pleasant way to travel is by tuk-tuk.  Many people hire a bike – the area round Siem Reap is totally flat – and one possibility would be to buy a bike (about $32) and donate it to the place where you have been working when you leave.”

Here are some great photos from the community project

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