Cement and haircuts

Cement and haircuts

Newsletter editor – Nigel sends news from his volunteer placement in The Gambia
Tuesday 16th August

Yesterday I got back home (Sandele) at 5.40pm so it was a long day, the hole for the bio gas was plastered with cement and most of the tiles on the kitchen floor were laid.

We finished plastering the hole today and laid the rest of the tiles on the kitchen floor so apart from grouting the tiles on the floor and around the cooker the kitchen is finished.




It was nice to have all the materials we needed so that we could get on with the jobs, the first couple of weeks here were frustrating because of lack of materials due to cash flow problems which were probably not helped by the absence of Kelly the GIG manager.
Tomorrow I hope that one of the chicken coops arrives so that I can put it up on blocks to prevent termite damage, if that works OK there will be an example for the other coops.

Only three more working days left and I fly back to blighty at 3.10am on Sunday, Air Maroc permitting of course!.
After spending three weeks here The Gambia and it`s people are getting under my skin and as much as I am yearning for fish and chips I will miss the place, but not the bumsters! Who are a real pain on the beach.

I emailed Sallie a picture of the new hairdo yesterday and she replied “ooer Nigel you do look a little like something out of an Oliver Stone movie!!!!!” and Geri here at Sandele said I look like a convict, I understand they will both soon be taking up posts as diplomats!


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