Chicken coops and ovens

Chicken coops and ovens

GIG farm transport

Newsletter editor – Nigel sends news from his volunteer placement in The Gambia

Saturday 13th August

Yesterday at the GIG farm the tiling around the ovens was finished, Buba did a lot of it because he is a good plasterer and I learned a lot from watching him which just goes to prove that volunteers learn as many skills from the community as they pass on.

The guy who was plastering the walls of the large hole for the bio gas container had difficulty getting the second coat of cement to stick as the previous coat was too thick in places, the reason it was too thick was because too much mud had been removed from the walls, this was the consequence of not following Bakery`s instructions on how to check the roundness of the hole!
Before the plasterer left on Thursday he also cemented the floor, this was done whilst I was elsewhere so I couldn`t do anything about it and of course it rained on Thursday night so you can guess the first job on Friday morning, yes bailing out the water that had collected!

Monday is a bank holiday but me and Buba are going to tile the floor in the kitchen and maybe finish off on Tuesday and then on Wednesday I am hoping that one of the chicken coops will be delivered.

I went to Kelly`s home with Dan this morning and had a look at the chicken coops that are stored there to see if we could come up with a plan to raise them off the floor to prevent termite damage, one of the coops had already been wrecked by termites so we are going to build a base one breeze block high with a corrugated tin cover bent over to stop rats and we will paint the blocks with lime to discourage termites and if they do climb the block at least you can see they are getting to the wood.

On my way back from Kelly`s I stopped in Brikama for a haircut, it was a bit radical but who needs hair in this heat! I was a bit concerned when the barber picked up the clippers and then proceeded to twist bare wires together to connect the trimmer to a small generator and was even more concerned when he used s razor blade, clean I might add, to trim around the hair line!

On the way back to Sandele beside the road through Gunjul is a sign that says Gunjul is twinned with Marlborough in Wiltshire which is a coincidence as that`s my old stamping ground!

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