Could share your business skills with college students?

Could share your business skills with college students?

Do you have experience in the varied world of travel and tourism? Such a – hospitality, event management, tour planning, tour guide training – or even creative arts. Perhaps you have no experience in tourism but have book keeping,costing or marketing skills or IT and presentation skills – or, maybe, health and safety experience ?

We need your help.

Working from home could you link up with local people online, share your business and/or training skills to help people build better livelihoods and business opportunities for themselves. Tourism is perhaps the most important industry in The Gambia for example -perhaps you could help young adults at a specialist college for Travel and Tourism

 ‘As we in The Gambia are working hard to adapt our very important tourism industry for the post Covid era it is important that we can continue to access the skills that ‘people and places’ volunteers share with us – even if they cannot travel to be with us. We look forward to working with you – a warm welcome awaits you!’ (Adama, our local partner in The Gambia).

Learn more about what you could do here

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