Could you help us put stories onto Powerpoint?

Could you help us put stories onto Powerpoint?

We have asked you previously to film yourself reading a children’s story, to be watched by children at all the schools and community centres we support.  We would now like your help to produce a different kind of story – on Powerpoint. 

Click here to see the full slide show as an example:

Our partners in Cambodia and The Gambia love the story videos – but they love the Powerpoint stories too and use them in a very different way.  Whereas the videos are good for small children to listen to as a group, the Powerpoint stories can be used by individual students or by the whole class for reading practice – the words are clear to see on the screen, and the presentation can be used one slide at a time to listen to and then repeat pronunciation.

We now have a good-sized library of stories being read – we would like an equally large library of the Powerpoint stories – but we need your help to produce them!

The example we have included here is a story for young children.  Stories or written texts on Powerpoint, enabling practice in the important language skills of listening, speaking and reading, can be applicable for any age group – you may have ideas for stories for older children or articles which would be of interest to young adults. 

If you are interested to learn more or to help with this task please contact – we would love to hear from you.

To learn more about how you can e-volunteer by producing videos or Powerpoints take a look here:

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