Could you volunteer a couple of hours every couple of weeks from your home?

Could you volunteer a couple of hours every couple of weeks from your home?

We cannot deny that 2020 has been a challenging year for our volunteer programme – we have not been able to send volunteers to the programmes we work with for 9 months – and even an optimist cannot see us being able to do so until spring 2021 at best – a year after our last volunteers returned home after their placements. A year where all of the programmes we work with are struggling to survive – some doing better in that struggle than others.


Whether you have already volunteered with us or hope to travel with us in the future we really need your help now – just a few hours a month could make all the difference

With Covid-19 closing schools and making international travel virtually impossible, the teachers at Treak Community Centre have been trialling online classes for our students. A key component of these activities has been the help we’ve received from volunteers  who have connected with our staff and students through a variety of online platforms – thank you. We are very keen to develop this online interaction, learning together and continuing the cultural exchange that has proved so beneficial to our students, staff and the volunteers who work with us.” Michael Horton, Treak Community Centre

“Working with people and places has been both educational and inspiring. Following on from my 4 week placement  in 2019, I was keen to maintain contact and continue to give assistance in any way I could. It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of the development of some hugely important training that will help to further develop and shape the education and care of the youngest children in The Gambia. I am very grateful and feel privileged to have been offered this opportunity and hope that I can contribute further for years to come. It is heartwarming to know that support can continue successfully through technology, as challenging as this may be for some people in other countries.​” volunteer Joanne

So what could you do?

Take a look at our e-volunteering opportunities here

….here are some ideas – but you may have an idea we haven’t thought of!

Read a story take a look here

or do a short arts and crafts video – or a slide share on how to use spread sheets or slide share! – this could be just a one off commitment – just an hour or two

Join English speaking sessions for the local staff at the programmes where we work – just an hour every week or two

Work with us and local educators to create training programmes for local staff – from as little as 2 hours work a week

Join zoom or skype calls for remote lessons for children led by local teachers – an hour a week for a term

Work on a specific brief – here a couple of examples of work done to date

One volunteer has created designs for simple models which the children in Cambodia can build at home using local materials – they will photograph their models to send to him, and this will provide an alternative to their regular academic learning.

Another volunteer worked with a school principal on training materials for a new curriculum

” As we in The Gambia are working hard to adapt our very important tourism industry for the post Covid it is important that we can continue to access the skills that people and places volunteers  share with us. – even if they cannot travel to be with us. We are keen to work with volunteers who have business, IT, web design and language skills – we look forward to working with you – a warm welcome awaits you on the sunshine coast even if it is virtual sunshine!” Adama Bah – The Gambia

At the moment we have e volunteer opportunities in The Gambia Cambodia and Morocco and eSwatini/ Swaziland

We have just launched our new e-volunteering website where you can learn more about this initiative

We really need your help – so please think about giving the programmes we work with a few hours this winter – and thankyou to all who are supporting us and all who will in the future. With your support we can continue to support the wonderful people we work with and for around the world

If you feel you can help

please contact

or register your interest for free here

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