crees volunteers – all together

crees volunteers – all together


cree vols

Finally we are all together, we all got together at crees headquaters and Nicola and Andy ran us through what we would be doing for the next two weeks at Shipetiari although I will be leaving after a week with Nic to go back to the MLC so that I can work on the community programme, biogardens etc and meet Renaldo the rain forest hero!

Tomorrow at 6.30 we leave for a journey to the jungle, we will climb to 4,000 metres and then descend through the rainforest, stay there the night and then on to meet the shipertiari, Andy says he has done the journey 40 odd times and he never fails to enjoy it.

I have requested a seat on the bus opposite to the sheer drop but as one volunteer said we would all go over the edge anyway!

This will probably be my last blog for a week or so, so if it goes quiet we haven`t gone over the edge!!

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