Crees vs the community

Crees vs the community

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Yesterday was a busy day spent doing nothing except kitchen duties so I listened to my MP3 and slept a lot.

Today we went to the local community to play football, I say we but with a dodgy right leg I excused myself! It was really hot and sticky but we had great fun.

We took some food with us to share with the community; although they accepted the food they seemed a little wary of us but the more we interact the more they will come to accept us and hopefully understand are intentions are good.

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Rupert and myself went out this evening for a couple of hours with Andy doing VES which involves picking a patch of forest and checking it for 30 minutes to see what animals we can find and then moving on and doing it again, we only managed to catch a few frogs but Rupert saw an Ocelot a few metres away from him which was rather lucky as some people can be here for months and not see one!


I really wanted to find a snake but no luck although Andy caught a small tree boa near the kitchen one evening, Andy has told us that if we see a snake to keep 2 metres away and call him, we do have a supply of anti-venom which is in powder form and is mixed with water which means we don`t need a fridge to keep it in but whether it would save your life is debatable, as there are some serious snakes here one of which is the Fleur-de Lance but then there is another snake that can eat the Fleur-de Lance!

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