Cusco to the Cloud forest Wednesday 17th

Cusco to the Cloud forest Wednesday 17th


Nica 6 month intern with Peruvian`s in local costume

Feel a lot better today as yesterday I was still suffering the effects of the altitude but by about 3pm I felt a lot better which means it takes about 48 hours to get used to it, had a good late lunch where I cleared any leftovers on other people plates! And then three of us went out in the evening where I had a sandwich and a sticky bun and then we went to a pub for a couple of pints, so it`s fair to say I was feeling a lot better.

Up at 5am this morning; shower then outside for a smoke and sitting in the square outside the hotel in the distance I could hear a brass band playing, only in Peru! We left at 6.30 for our journey to the cloud forest, the roads were paved for the first few miles and then turned into a dust track when we came to the last village before descending into the forest we stopped for a break, not that we had a lot of choice as a festival was taking place blocking the road!

The roads were actually in good condition but it was best not to look down too often! The road to Manu was blasted out of the hillside in the 1920`s and is an engineering marvel.

For tonight we are staying in a place called the cock of the rock which is named after a local bird

cock bird low

it`s in a beautiful setting in the cloud forest and consist of separate wooden buildings, we had a look at the restaurant earlier and two feet from the door were humming birds feeding!

So it`s off to dinner in a while and then bed and an early night as we leave at about 6am tomorrow for our journey to Shipetairi.

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