e-volunteering – a 50% reduction in our fees!

e-volunteering – a 50% reduction in our fees!

We have reduced the people and places fee for e-volunteering from £200 to £100 – not just for you but for anyone you introduce to us. This discount will be available to all volunteers who confirm their e-volunteer placement with us before the end of April 2023. We are not reducing the money that you would pay to the projects – they desperately need the funds.

We are discounting e-volunteering to make it even more accessible to all – and because this is a way to support the projects we work with without travelling while at the same time providing them with both financial and skills support. Of course we are continuing to create in-country placements for those still wanting to travel. Our matching and preparation process will remain as rigorous as ever – our discount does not mean we are offering you a watered-down version!

Our e-volunteer programme enables you to work directly with and get to know local project staff and beneficiaries. You will be working either with individuals or small groups – all from your own home. e-volunteer placements last for twelve weeks – with a commitment from you of just a few hours each week

To learn more about our e-volunteer programme take a look here.

The projects we work with are facing a perfect storm – indeed some have not survived and those that have survived were just managing as we came out of the pandemic.

We need your help now to support those that have managed to hang on in there. These past 3 years, COVID has played havoc with our programmes. The projects we work with have battled through, cut costs and cut back operations, but the truth is that we are at tipping point. Help us do what we do best….

Please don’t stop reading – bear with us – we aren’t asking for donations!

So what is this perfect storm?

· During the pandemic all the projects we work with faced big reductions or even total loss of any internal funding they may have received – be that from local businesses or from government departments

· International donations almost totally dried up as donors looked to support much needed causes closer to home

· Any income generated by the volunteer programme, by projects’ own initiatives, or by any tourism from which they had benefitted pre COVID was lost

· The international fuel crisis and the resulting inflation is affecting all of us

· The international credit crunch is causing most of us to review and delay our travel plans

So how can you help?

· e- volunteer with us yourself

· introduce us to your friends and associates

· get the word out there for us however you can

Recent suggestions from volunteers and projects for e-volunteers

You can be sure that e-volunteering does meet real needs for the projects we support and builds meaningful relationships between volunteers and local people.Don’t take our word for it – we are currently in the process of conducting our needs analysis for 2023, and all these suggestions have been made in the last few months, either by returning volunteers or by project leaders.

“Could we have more e-volunteers just to chat with us – it is making such a difference to our spoken English

“I worked with small groups of students who had fallen behind in class. These students really need others to work with them, otherwise they will soon fall behind again”

“If you could find a volunteer to teach us how to read maps that would be fantastic!”

“We really need a volunteer with some experience in the performing arts to help us develop training in these areas. Local people already have some practical skills but without formal training it is impossible for them to get jobs in the tourism sector”

“My volunteer project involved training a group of 10 tutors and teachers in the effective use of IT for teaching. Each session focused on a set of IT skills and covered PowerPoint, Excel, Word, e-mail services, Padlet, video making and other skills that could be useful in the classroom. The feedback I received showed that the course had been well received and had improved people’s IT skills. The group had a wide range of IT skills and there is work that could still be done with developing the basic skills of some of the participants. A future volunteer could fruitfully spend time working with individuals to implement the skills directly in the classroom. Supporting the teachers to teach children how to use IT would be invaluable too.”

“Our girls loved working online with the volunteer who got them started on creative writing. They have never done this kind of work before and would love to do more”

“One of my objectives on my placement was to encourage the teachers in using more practical activities and experiments in their science lessons. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to incorporate activities into lessons or to see any of the teachers use the activities in a lesson. This could be a really good focus for a future volunteer placement

“Running an online book club was a meaningful experience with some heartwarming reactions from participants. One said she had never read a book from beginning to end before. Others said it gave them a new appreciation for reading. Many valued the opportunity to talk about the book together. I learned a lot right along with the participants, as the discussions gave them an opportunity to share important things about their lives and their culture.

“I remember reading in your newsletter about the volunteer who was running a really successful online book club – she said it was brilliant for encouraging people to listen to each other’s opinionsPlease do you have any other e-volunteers who would like to do this – a book club would be SO good for our students and I know they would enjoy it!”

“In my e-volunteer placement I am working on costings with one of the women from a small business association. I am also mentoring her and helping her develop the confidence to sell food knowing she has budgeted correctly and can cover all costs. I had hoped to help her with a full business plan but we will not have time to do this so this could form the basis for the next volunteer’s placement”

“We have just started a course to provide basic teacher training for our group leaders. Someone who could work one-to-one with our course leader on curriculum planning would be invaluable

“We always welcome volunteers to work in our library to help children with their reading – and this could be the good basis for an e-volunteer placement too”

“The e-volunteer programme has been so important to us during the pandemic – we hope it will continue, it makes us feel like we have friends around the world”

To learn more about our e-volunteer programme take a look here.

Would you like a ‘no commitment’ call to chat about the e-volunteer programme (or to learn more about travelling with us) and the challenges the projects we work with are facing?

Just email dianne@travel-peopleandplaces.co.uk– and she will organise a call at your convenience.

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