‘Fantastic students, so keen to learn, EfA Morocco’

‘Fantastic students, so keen to learn, EfA Morocco’

This from recent volunteer Wendy

On Monday, we had a meeting with all the wonderful House Mothers at Dar Asni 1. Latifa, lead House Mother and in charge of Dar Asni 1, took us on a helpful orientation tour in order to locate Dar Asni 2 and 3, the bank, post office, pharmacy, good food shop and souk.  In the afternoon, Khadija, House Mother of Dar Asni 3, introduced me to all her staff: Deputy House Mother, Khaoula; Housekeeper, Khadija; and fantastic chef, Latifa and took me on a tour of the building. It is a lovely and immaculately maintained space, reflecting the team work there and the kind, creative, focused and thoughtful ethos generated by Khadija. The classroom is a pleasure to work in and the computer suite is well used by the students who have the benefit of expert help from Khaoula who has a degree in IT.  We had lunch and I was introduced to the lovely students. I was given a timetable with lists of students, which was brilliant.

In addition to my requested teaching brief and through discussions with Khadija, we were able to focus teaching aims. Khadija wanted academic support for her students so I asked for copies of the Lycée’s English Syllabus/Programme of Study so that I could see what the Common Core students and first and second year Baccalaureate students had worked on so far, so that I could support their schoolwork, as well as build on the work with previous volunteers.

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