Farewell and thankyou Sophea

Farewell and thankyou Sophea

Those of you who have volunteered in Cambodia will know Sophea well. She is leaving Concert at the end of this year for personal reasons.


Sophea has been such an important part of the volunteer programme in Cambodia – making sure that volunteers know their way around Siem Reap – her brilliant smile and kind heart saying “Welcome we are so pleased you are with us – what can we do to help?”

“My abiding memory of Sophea will be our trips around Siem Reap together. As many of you will know Sophea is petite – indeed tiny….I am not…what a picture we must have been – me on the back of Sophea’s scooter laden with laptop, brief case and a couple of shopping bags – Sophea – negotiating the traffic – balancing me and 2 more bags – and all the while that wonderful smile.” Sallie

“I have many memories of Sophea but one of my favourites dates from a few years ago. I had been to visit a project in Siem Reap where a group of women made goods to sell from recycled plastic bags. They showed me how to make a friendship bracelet by weaving different coloured strips of plastic and tied it tightly round my wrist. My skin reacted to the plastic and it wasn’t long before it became red and swollen! Sophea thought this was so funny – I well remember her giggles as she cut me free.” Dianne

Thankyou Sophea for the friendship you have shown volunteers over the years – please stay in touch and good luck – you will be so missed.

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