Gill and Mandy-their volunteering experience at Treak , Cambodia

Gill and Mandy-their volunteering experience at Treak , Cambodia

The second week we taught about planting, what plants need to grow and parts of a plant which was spread over two 1 hour lessons for all groups so was repeated a lot. We used a poem and the children decorated pots and sticks and we took them out into the garden to plant sunflowers and cress seeds. We also prepared worksheets and word searches. We incorporated hand hygiene into this as the children needed to wash their hands after handling soil. This involved a lot of preparation and we recycled plastic water bottles as pots (needed over 300! So we got from hotel) and used plastic water bottles as watering cans and spades! Lots of cutting out shapes and paper to decorate pots. Be prepared to think on your feet and adapt with the limited resources available.

We also with K1 regularly encouraged and helped with teeth cleaning and hand hygiene and we took over home made playdough which the children loved.  At all times we had a Cambodian teacher with us to support and translate if we led a session or if we were helping them.

I feel our successes were the Yoga and encouraging active learning through story telling to yoga actions and planting again an active lesson.  We would have liked to do more lessons on hand hygiene and healthy eating but were limited with time constraint and also Khmer New year preparations and celebrations overtook the last week of our placement which was fun.

It was a great experience working at Treak. Everyone was really welcoming and friendly and supportive and they were pleased to have our help.

We also learned some Khmer.  Arkun (Thank you) to everyone!

To learn more about this programme take a look here

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