Great news from Pastor Peter

Great news from Pastor Peter

This message is for everyone who knows Pastor Peter at Mapoch S.A.

Dear Marnie

Hi dear sister

I write this with the hope that you will pass my message of gratitude to all my friends overseas.

I would have liked to mention them all by name but it would be unfair to those not mentioned

Exactly one year ago I was diagnosed with non hodgkinsons lymphoma cancer. At that time the first person I contacted was Jeremy Stafford; at that time I wanted him to inform my family as I was totally devastated by the news.

Naturally he couldn`t do it but promised to tell all my overseas friends I have made through Voluntours and people and places. I know for a fact that you all prayed for me and were as shocked by the news as my immediate family.

Now on the 23rd of March I went for a CT scan and blood tests and the doctors have proclaimed me free of the dreaded cancer cells, I still have to attend the cancer clinic for the rest of my life , but the likelihood is that I will die of other diseases instead of cancer

I want to thank you all for standing by me in my time of need and emotional upheaval.

Every single one of you has played an important role in my recovery

Peter Mabasa

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