Help needed from volunteer travel directories and review sites

Help needed from volunteer travel directories and review sites

Do you run a volunteer travel directory or advice site?

Do you accept ads and reviews?

Have you put in place systems to separate these ads for your advise – ie editorial v advertising revenue

If you do accept advertising but it doesn’t affect the listings order on your site – or you accept reviews and post negative reviews – even if its about one of your paying advertisers I would like to hear from you.

And if you do prioritise due to advertising spend and edit reviews I’d LOVE to hear your justification for NOT publicly announcing this on your site!

Bet I can name the organisations that will respond – I have given a list to Kate we will see how I do!

One thought on “Help needed from volunteer travel directories and review sites

  1. Just had this in from Steve Weddle from
    “the “why” behind why we don’t charge listing fees to our organization partners is based on a very personal experience. After my first volunteer abroad experience, I wrote a fair and honest review of the sending organization on one of those other reviews/directory sites. My review wasn’t a glowing 10/10 testimonial, but it was a fair account of the positive and negative aspects of my experience. I was pretty upset when the directory site deleted my review the very next day. I shouldn’t have been surprised- there was a giant banner ad of the sending organization prominently featured on the site. In launching Volunteer Forever with Billy, we wanted to remove the inherent conflict of interest that exists when reviews of a program and ads for a program co-exist, so it’s why we don’t charge any listing/advertising fees. We’re a new platform, but we hope we can inspire other directory sites to follow”

    people and places is listed on Volunteer Forever and we certainly know that Volunteer Foerever is working very hard to verify the integrity of the information and reviews on thier site.

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