international accolades for Paul

international accolades for Paul

“This world is in desperate need of people like you, who always keep asking questions, care for others and are never afraid to say what needs to be said – but now we must soldier on without you.”
Freya Zandatra journalist

“A great guy…I will never forget sharing the panel with him at the WTM Africa conference in Cape Town and he opened his presentation by showing how disgraceful and unacceptable it was for South Africans to be attacking people from other African countries in Jo’burg. He was and continues to be my HERO. We lost a great person and will remember him for his contributions towards the poor and vulnerable.”
Adama Bah, tourism and development practitioner

“He was a pioneer and leader in fighting for social equality and justice through responsible tourism in Port Elizabeth. Through his unwavering dedication and passion he touched the lives of many people in his community and beyond to achieve lasting change for the better. ”
Claudia Eckhaert, tourism consultant

“Paul was a leading light in Responsible Tourism in South Africa – we should honour his memory by redoubling our efforts.”
Harold Goodwin, professor of responsible tourism

“African Angels Tours worked with Paul Miedema and Calabash tours for many years. He was a inspiration and and set the standard for community tourism and volunteer work in the communities of Port Elizabeth and East London. It was all about the people on the ground for Paul and he was a shining light with the biggest heart anda pure selfless motivation. There is no one in SA with that level of dedication and his absence will leave a massive void behind. I pray his work will live on and please let me know if there is anything we can do from our end to keep his legacy alive. Love and tears.”
Luke Angel, African Angel Tours

“Paul, I have been reflecting for a few days on the life you lived, the visionary you were and the heartfelt friend that I will always remember you for. Rest In Peace. We will continue to walk in your wake and to build on the incredible foundations that you have laid. Thank you for the gift of your life. You will be sorely missed.”
Roland Vorwerk, tour operator

“Paul Miedema was one of those people who were never supposed to die.”
Martin Hatchuel journalist

“When you meet someone for the first time and about 17 seconds later you know you’ll be mates for life. That was you Paul: funny, clever, engaging, generous and overall committed to making a better world. Being a continent away couldn’t stop us being friends … RIP true revolutionary.  We’ve big shoes to fill.”
Philip Mudge –  responsible volunteer travel expert

“Sometimes in life you try to make sense of events, but you can’t. Paul Miedema’s passing is still beyond believe. Such a beautiful and genuinely good soul, who truly believed and fought for social justice and equality. A mentor in responsible tourism for many in our industry. A great friend full of passion, humour and a zest for life. A wonderful dad to his daughters. Somebody taken well before his time. He will be sorely missed by so many. Paul I am beyond words. Go well my friend. RIP”
Louise de Waal, responsible tourism consultant


“You really walked the talk, passionately working on fighting social injustice with and for people in Port Elizabeth and far beyond. I’m entirely thankful for having met you as a mentor, colleague and friend almost three years ago, when I came to work with you and your wonderful team at Calabash tours. Everything I know about township tourism and how it can be done in a mutually respectful and beneficial way, I know from you. Whatever happened to you, and wherever you are now, you left a legacy that will continue, I promise!”
Anke Winchenbach, tourism consultant

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